(Personnel Recruitment Training and Oversight)

Personnel systems must accommodate everyone from the struggling employee to the superstar that doesn’t fit into a box. A single person could have multiple statuses across departments or even within a single department. And that means multiple views as well since some information (but not all) may be shared across departments.

For compliance purposes, we also need the ability to look at snapshots in time. For example, what was the employee’s status, training, and contract at the time of Event A? Has his license been checked against federal and state debarment lists?

And this system needs to be integrated with other systems so everybody has the information he needs and each platform communicates with a single up-to-date data source.

This product includes:

  • Federal/State License Check
  • PowerPoint Slide Sorter
  • Online Tutorials
  • Merged Document Downloads
  • Global Search including Bios & CVs
  • Calendar
  • E-Contracting
  • Headshot Autosize
  • Training History
  • Employment History
  • Address History