(Modular Code)

Ever see two applications and wish they could work together? All of Barkani's products are built in Modular Exchangeable Code Units. In other words, any feature you see in any Barkani application can be integrated with little effort into any other Barkani application.

Many of Barkani's products are built as services that can be "plugged into" any number of platforms.

That means you can have a custom platform built to your specific needs, yet use components that have been fully developed and tested and avoid the cost and time for development.

Furthermore, Barkani can import/export data to/from common business platforms such as Veeva, Concur, and Salesforce, as well as credit card issuers such as American Express. We also perform daily license checks with federal and state debarment lists.

This product includes:

  • Federal/State License Check
  • PowerPoint Slide Sorter
  • Complex Charts and Reports
  • Data Backup/Version Control
  • 3rd Party Data Integration
  • Google Mapping
  • Email Template Tools
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Virtual Credit Cards
  • Travel Import