(Event Management)

Today's compliance requires data at the granular level. To know the expenses for a specific attendee, we need to know his specific air travel, ground travel, hotel accomodations, meals, car service, activities, and misc. expenses (i.e. room service). All expenses need to be categorized and matched against other details for compliance purposes. (Does his hotel stay match his air travel itinerary?)

This level of detail can only be accurately tracked when most of the reporting is automated. Online registration is just the first step. We can import travel itineraries and generate rooming and meal reports based upon an attendee's travel and profile. We can generate virtual credit cards, import charges from the card issuer, and post expenses to the correct attendee and expense type. Our reports instantly flag any discrepancies or issues of non-compliance.

This product includes:

  • Online Registration
  • Itinerary Import and Generation
  • PDF and Docx Search
  • Robust Event Management Tools
  • Build Your Own Reports
  • Virtual Credit Cards/Payment Track
  • HTML Emails
  • Sunshine Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Bulk Editing/Selection
  • Mobile Solutions