Jennifer DelPercio

President, Founder

Jennifer has twenty years of project management experience in a broad cross-section of industries including finance, insurance, marketing, and real estate. Her first technology project was a global corporate intranet in the 90's for Interpublic Group of Companies. Under her leadership, Barkani has evolved from an interactive agency to a business solutions company.

Joey Warren

SVP, Client Services

During the '90's dot-com boom, Joey built websites for American Express Publishing, Readers Digest, and Schering-Plough. The world has changed quite a bit since then but Joey's focus remains the same - user experience and confidence in the solution.

John De Luca

VP, Strategy & Innovation

John has over ten years experience in operations management and over twenty years experience in healthcare marketing. Whereas most of the staff at Barkani is responding to customer needs and requests, John focuses on creating new solutions for business needs, building the technology companies wish they had if they knew it existed.

Ming Yao

Chief Technology Officer

Ming was a coder for over a dozen years before becoming CTO. His specialty is upgrading legacy systems and integrating independent technologies for custom solutions. Under his leadership, Barkani has expanded into mobile and distributed computing.