It all began when . . .

Jennifer was tasked with building a multinational corporate intranet for a global advertising agency. She built a skills database so teams could be quickly assembled across divisions. She built online workgroups with communications tools and file sharing. There were group and executive views for managment.

This seems pretty tame by today's standards but, in the '90s, this was groundbreaking. The project was a complete technical success, had a super smooth rollout, and earned kudos all around.


It only had one problem; nobody used it.


Email was easier. The skills database was only accessible by human resources, which people were reluctant to use for team building. File sharing was already available through a shared file server. The platform lacked a project management component so the overviews didn't provide actionable data for management.


Jennifer learned her first rule of product development - Build a product that people will want to use.

Today . . .

Barkani takes a user-centric approach towards building products that work great, look great, and people will want to use. Our developers are among the most sought in the industry. (Damn you, Google.) We build products for small companies and Fortune 500 conglomerates. We develop industry-leading technologies. And we are very good at what we do.

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We can't post all our work for propietary reasons but we're happy to show you what we're doing. Competitors are welcome to view our work as well. We enjoy setting the industry standard. If you'd like to retain our services, we're happy to outline a solution and offer a fixed-price budget so there are no surprises. We look forward to hearing from you.